KERFLAME refractaries

KERFLAME: The new refractory

20 years after the first debut in the field of refractory materials and on the occasion of the company’s twenty-fifth anniversary, Ceramica Colker is pleased to present to the market a product that has style revolutionized our concept of quality, price and tradition.

Kerflame, new and first proprietary brand registered in 2023, is an exclusive blend resulting from a reworking of the original CK formula of the refractory material, pride in development, consistency and tenacity of our internal technicians who have dedicated study and research for years to satisfy the end customer.


Kerflame is a Cordierite-based material with a very hard and compact structure, qualities that give the product a notable mechanical and adaptability capacity.

It is therefore very resistant to impacts and wear, guaranteeing prolonged use over time.

Countless physical tests, even “extreme”, and field trials have confirmed that the new refractory has developed greater heat resistance, giving the mixture high resistance to high temperatures and thermal shocks, such as sudden changes or stress.

Temperatures easily tolerated can reach 1150-1200°C.


The cornerstone of our company, energy saving also plays a fundamental component within our new blend.

Kerflame is in fact a product inclined to retain the heat released in the cooking chambers of both wood and pellet stoves, fireplaces and boilers even after a few hours after the stoves have been turned off themselves.

The advantages are linked to the accumulation of heat and its slow release into the environment with the consequent saving of combustible material.

By adopting an internal lining in Kerflame, our customer will be able to give the surrounding environment a feeling of warmth that lasts longer, enjoying a pleasant sensation of relaxation pampered by the warmth of the stove or fireplace.

By choosing the Colker Ceramica blend, you favor a Made in Italy artisanal production system, the result of a “green” manufacturing process, with reduced and controlled emissions and generated from natural raw materials sought throughout the world .


The essence of Made in Italy and our territory, such as the magnificent Asolo and its hills, pushed us to give Kerflame a particular look at its look and feel trying to grace the customer’s eye with a color and a particular sensation even in combustion.

Our refractory therefore is characterized by a homogeneous shiny white colour which adapts to both dated combustion systems or those with a classic and vintage design and to the most recent lines.

The sensation that this compound gives at the moment of use is impactful, thanks to the ability to highlight the brilliance of the fire given by the clear and shiny surface, designed to guarantee the impression of tranquility and peace.

It is important to point out that the design and shape of your new Kerflame refractory is at the total discretion of the customer, as such we also make ourselves available for any modifications for particular needs, as long as the production quantities are relevant to support an advanced large-scale production system.

Technical information

Water absorption: 14,2 %
Thermal expansion coefficient: 33~35 10-7 m/mK
Maximum operating temperature: 1150 °C
Density: 1900~1950 Kg/Mc

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