The following processing phase is carried out using a state-of-the-art system offered by the roller kiln, which allows production of considerable quantities in a short time.

The oven supports both the firing of the raw pieces and of the finished glazed pieces, managing in an appropriate way different methods, such as the fast firing (adopted for porcelain stoneware) and the one that is slower and more demanding (used in the production of refractories). The operation can occur at temperatures between 1000 ° C and 1250 ° C, which vary according to the type of product and processing.

By adopting this firing system, the originality of the pieces is maintained, without compromising their shape or flatness, thus expanding the range and the offer to the customer.

The management of our roller kiln leads us to take a look at the environment, in fact it allows us to significantly reduce firing times, thus reducing CO2 emissions into the environment, favoring greater production in terms of material yield and greater sustainability in terms of environmental safety and health.

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