KERFLAME, Innovation for our 25 YEARS


We are ready to launch! Well yes, with great satisfaction we can now talk about novelties also in the field of Ceramica Colker refractory materials. On the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the company, we are pleased to present to our loyal customers a product which for us is the beginning of a new start. Kerflame is our new Refractory! The result of the reworking of the historic CK formula, pride in the development, perseverance and tenacity of our internal technicians.

From the blissful context of Asolo and from the greenery of our hills which have always been a mirror of tranquility, peace and harmony, we took inspiration, giving life to a project that encompassed all the sensations that our landscape expresses to us through nature. This is how, after about 2 years of study and research, KERFLAME was born, our new refractory material, the company’s first brand.

The success of this project and the registration of the consequent first company trademark embody the importance of research and development which have always been crucial elements in the growth of our company. Kerflame for us is synonymous with progress and the future, a gem that we thought of for our customers who immediately believed in our capabilities and our production system.

KERFLAME, is a Cordierite-based material with a very hard and compact structure, qualities that give the product a notable mechanical and adaptability capacity >. Characterized by a shiny white colour, it is the solution for both vintage, classic or latest generation combustion systems; it reflects the light of the flame and makes the stove or your fireplace an object that brings tranquility and harmony to the environment.

The progress of our research also offers benefits related to energy and economic savings, in fact Kerflame presents itself as an excellent accumulator and heat diffuser.

Discover the advantages and improvements that have been implemented in the new formula, click on the following link to view the technical data sheet, characteristics, economic and environmental benefits of the product.


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