Who we are

Ceramica Colker was founded in 1998 as a manufacturer of stoneware ceramic coatings. Since 2002 it has been under the guidance of the current owner, which, thanks to a know-how derived from decades of experience in semi-refractories, has brought an added value that has allowed the company to quickly become a point of reference among best manufacturers of ceramic coatings for stoves. Over the years, the production has also expanded to other products, from porcelain stoneware to refractories.

Ceramica Colker s.r.l. is a family-run company that adopts industrial-style production procedures that allow it to be at the forefront of evolution and to develop while keeping in line with new market demands.

With our 1700 m² of operational headquarters, our offer is divided into the production of special pieces, majolica for stoves, refractories for fireplaces and large porcelain stoneware plates.

Technological innovation, research and process refinement are the cornerstones of a company policy that always aims to satisfy the customer first by providing quality, service, timing and competitive prices.

In parallel to our guiding principles, the environmental impact, safety in the workplace and the health of workers are primary topics in our management. Constant and punctual, are the analyzes regarding the sustainability of the entire production cycle (emissions, noise, waste disposal). We use paints with low or no content of heavy metals, the handling of goods is managed by continuous studies and research aimed at relieving the physical effort of the staff, while the choice of the roller kiln positively affects consumption, thus leading to a decrease in emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere. In collaboration with the workers and the staff, suitable PPEs are identified and selected in the various production departments alongside the relevant regulations, thus creating a harmonious work environment inclined to qualitative, ethical and social responsibility.