We have robotic painting , using a specialized, programmed and automatic robot, to satisfy even orders of significant quantities in modest times.

The adoption of the painting robot allows the customer to obtain a homogeneous and uniform painting and does not involve any non-homogeneous light-dark colors between the pieces.

Our internal operators are able to manage a wide range of glazes to offer to the customer, always constant and updated according to the trend. The painting operation is carried out by spraying, carried out both on small pieces, such as special pieces and objects, and on large surfaces, such as porcelain stoneware plates.

To accompany the Robot, to meet the needs of orders with small quantities or pieces with particular aesthetic characteristics, we have a series of booths for manual painting, carried out by our carefully trained and prepared employees.

The choice of paints follows a process of eco-sustainability, as glazes with little or no heavy metal content are used and preferred, for the purpose of health and respect for the ecosystem.

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