Special pieces

The quality of the processing aimed at the production of the special pieces that we are able to obtain is widely recognized. The modernity of the workmanship and the continuous study of new technologies has made us participate in a wide and active way in the production of special pieces, different from each other in […]

Majolica for stoves

The production of majolica for stoves, both pellet and wood, is our core business consolidated over time and we collaborate with the major companies in the field of heating from renewable sources. To offer the customer a complete offer in response to the required aesthetic and resistance characteristics, we adopt 3 different types of ceramic […]

Refractories for fireboxes

Research and development, over the years, have allowed us to create a refractory mixture, which, with the right balance of raw materials and in specific cooking conditions, develops chemical processes that give a porosity suitable for guaranteeing heat retention and related thermal changes, mechanical resistance and impact resistance. Our mixture allows us to obtain adaptable […]

Porcelain stoneware plates

One aspect that makes us proud of our production is the fact that we also work on large pieces. We are specialists in glazing and firing with sintering, maintaining the flatness of the surfaces. We glaze porcelain stoneware plates with lengths and shapes even greater than one meter with a thickness of 17 mm, but […]