Packaging and CQ

It ends the production chain of our products and focuses on quality and safety in storage and transport, using materials with a reduced risk of pollution. For years, the production of Ceramica Colker s.r.l. has also taken into consideration the environmental impact of the products. In collaboration with our partners, we adopt a packaging system […]


We have robotic painting , using a specialized, programmed and automatic robot, to satisfy even orders of significant quantities in modest times. The adoption of the painting robot allows the customer to obtain a homogeneous and uniform painting and does not involve any non-homogeneous light-dark colors between the pieces. Our internal operators are able to […]


It is inserted into the production cycle in two distinct moments; carried out in order to eliminate any defects from demoulding and aesthetic imperfections. Each piece is subject to a rigorous precision control, which begins even before the firing phase. Subsequently, the checks also continue on the pieces in the raw state, even before they […]


The following processing phase is carried out using a state-of-the-art system offered by the roller kiln, which allows production of considerable quantities in a short time. The oven supports both the firing of the raw pieces and of the finished glazed pieces, managing in an appropriate way different methods, such as the fast firing (adopted […]


Operation subsequent to the preparation of the ceramic bodies; represents the initial phase of the production of our products. In the casting department, 4 different types of ceramic bodies are managed, obtained by our internal technicians, mixing quality raw materials with the evolution of research. The variety of blends allows us to manage different products, […]